Title: Eyes that Shine
created on 12 Sep 08

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1. tiki244 wrote:
 this is an absolutely wonderful picture with the 3 dimensional look of it.
2. Heather e1 wrote:
 Pleasing to the eye! (excuse my pun)
3. Teresa wrote:
 Thank you, tiki244! I tried several times to get the reflection right. It was the roundness of the layered apples that finished it off.
4. Teresa wrote:
 Thank you, Heather. Your comment was the apple in my eye. (excuse my pun)
5. Strawdoll wrote:
 Great pic , can tell you put alot of time into this,
6. Jovi wrote:
 Great reflection in the eye. I want to see what you can do with lips... Very nice.
7. Teresa wrote:
 Thanks Strawdoll. Yes, I did get mesmerized when I was drawing this eye. When I am that intent, it feels like I am falling into the screen. Opps, I better climb out.
8. Teresa wrote:
 Hi Jovi, Thank you. I was very pleased with the reflection. I tried many versions before I got it right. Lips? Well... maybe.
9. black375 wrote:
 That is amazing a total work of art!!!!
10. Teresa wrote:
 Thanks black375. It would be fun to have this be as big as a wall. Can you imagine waking up to an eye that size?
11. hdwildmustang wrote:
 AS everyone said...Great piece, very impressive...Love it
12. Teresa wrote:
 Thanks hdwildmustang. I appreciate your compliment! It feels good when a picture turns out - especially when I made several failed attempts on the reflection.
13. smartinez wrote:
 Fantastic! I like the pun, too! :)
14. Dragon wrote:
 Love this, looks like a dragon eye to me
15. Teresa wrote:
  Thanks smartinez, I'm delighted by your comment and also by Heathere1's pun.
16. Teresa wrote:
  Thanks Dragon for your comparison of Eyes that Shine to a dragon's eye. I would really like to see dragonets hatching.
17. black375 wrote:
 That would be cool.... When did you make this???
18. yuriko189 wrote:
 OH MY GOD! I absolutely love this and its green (well most of it) My fav colour! yay! Love the detail. Nice work Teresa.
19. Teresa wrote:
 Hi black375. I think I made this eye in mid-September. I have NOT made it the size of a wall - I was only imagining it that big. Then I imagined waking up UNDER the giant eye... but I think that would be too overwhelming to see first thing in the morni
20. Teresa wrote:
 Hi yuriko189. Green is my favorite color, too. I rest in the color green. I am revived by the color green. I feel lifted by the color green. Did I mention that I like green... Thank YOU, I'm delighted that you like my picture.
21. likemee wrote:
22. Just4u2luv26 wrote:
 Yay, im so glad this made it to the top 5, i love this pic and all its amazing details. Well deserved!
23. hawkeyesimmy wrote:
 this is an aosome pic i love it. how long did it take you to make it?
24. blondey101 wrote:
 52 mins jk why don't you people vote for my pixs ;)
25. Heather e1 wrote:
 I know I already comented Teresa,but I have to say somthing elce. I love how you encluded the red part on the edge of the eye. None of my friends ever do that when they are drawing on paper.
26. cmort wrote:
 This is beautiful. Bravo!
27. Snickers wrote:
 That is incredible!
28. Teresa wrote:
 Thanks likemee! I'm delighted that you are delighted with my picture, Eyes that Shine.
29. Teresa wrote:
 Thanks Just4u2luv26 for your vote of confidence. I'll happily take a bow. I did enjoy working with all of the details - like the cherry stems and finding the right pupil reflection.
30. Teresa wrote:
 Thanks hawkeyesimmy for your positive feedback. I think I lost this - twice - while I was making it. Each time I came back, it got a little better. How long??? Two frustrating sessions of, "Oh no! Where'd my picture go?" before it was accepted.
31. Figgie wrote:
 YOUR PICTURE seems reflective and calm - even though it is starring directly forward. It doesn't look invasive or evil. Or bored. I'm impressed how it shows real feeling, but nothing negative.
32. matthew wrote:
 eye can't believe how well this turned out... excellent pic
33. Madeline wrote:
34. SillySly wrote:
35. Login wrote:
 This is a work of art.
36. Teresa wrote:
 Thank you, Heather e1, for feeling that I included real details from an eye. I don't know what the corner of the eye is called... Whenever I look at someone else's work, I always learn or feel something new and some of THAT I will add to my work. So, n
37. Teresa wrote:
 Thank you, cmort and Snickers. I couldn't ask for finer compliments.
38. NINA wrote:
 So artistic, but so are your other drawings
39. maddyjean08 wrote:
 absolutely wonderful pic! i adore the 3-D look!

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