Title: Changing Leaf
created on 22 Sep 08

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1. Strawdoll wrote:
 Your work amazes me such clean lines .The blending of your colors.Your very good.
2. tiki244 wrote:
 I really like your leaf. The veins look very realistic. Very nice!
3. yuriko189 wrote:
 wow.... this is just absolutely gorgeous. love the blending of colours as Strawdoll said.
4. Jovi wrote:
 Your leaf has an aged look with the dark brown running along the stem and outer edge. The background works, too, with the same dabbed-on-color quality. Nice.
5. Teresa wrote:
 Hi Strawdoll. Thanks for noticing my lines; I try to get clean edges. I took the colors and the way they blended from a real leaf I picked in my yard. I had to find a leaf with veins that matched the angle of available stems on Think Draw.
6. Teresa wrote:
 Hi tiki244. Thank you for noticing the veins. First, I checked the rose stems under flower tools in Think Draw. Second I found my leaf - because I had already discovered that few leaves worked - if I wanted realistic veins.
7. Teresa wrote:
 Hi yuriko189. I know you are a colorist, so I appreciate that you like my blending.
8. Teresa wrote:
 Hi Jovi, Thank you for noticing how I tried to age the leaf. If I made another leaf, I would use even more dark colors on a broader area, because they seem to give that feeling of age. I'm glad you like my pointillist background - I wasn't sure if it wa
9. MILAVILAx3 wrote:
 you are really good! :)
10. Heather e1 wrote:
 As Strawdoll said, you got the edges really straight. If I tried that my lines would be all curvy.
11. Heather e1 wrote:
 Also it fits the season
12. Teresa wrote:
 Hi MILAVILAx3; I will remember your positive feedback when my drawings turn out looking tired.
13. Teresa wrote:
 Hi Heather e1; I appreciate that both of your like my clean lines, because I did work for that effect. At the same time, I know, really know, that most autumn leaves are unevenly curled or eaten away at the edges from fragility or by insects. So, I thin
14. Teresa wrote:
 continued for Heather e1: So, I think wavy or curvy lines would suit this subject perfectly! Perhaps I will try a leaf with wavy, curved and blurred edges. Thanks for thinking my picture fit the season!
15. Robindcr8l wrote:
16. Teresa wrote:
 Thanks Robindcr8l for coming and taking a look at my leaf picture.
17. Login wrote:
 How did I miss this ... it's so real.
18. Animallvr101 wrote:
19. Babyangel2000 wrote:
 wow its so lovely!
20. NADIA wrote:
 Fabulous,I love it!

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