Title: A Cup of Tea
created on 28 Sep 08

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1. tiki244 wrote:
 Cute! :) :)
2. Teresa wrote:
 Thanks tiki244. It's Raspberry Tea, of course. Fresh brewed from sweet, wild berries that were picked under a hot mid-day sun... My skin is still stained red.
3. qwer wrote:
 Umm, I would love some rasberry tea right about now! Nice pic.
4. Teresa wrote:
 Thanks qwer. I'm glad you like my picture. Tea is being served on the outside deck...
5. tiki244 wrote:
 This is so clean and neat. And the three colors really 'pop' out at me.Especially with the black background. Really nice!
6. Teresa wrote:
 Oh, my, tiki244! I didn't even realize that I only used three colors. Thanks for pointing that out to me. I was so caught up in making the shapes... saucer in, saucer out, etc. Glad you like this one!
7. craftycarol wrote:
 love the banana teapot
8. smartinez wrote:
 Your pictures are amazing. I especially love the way the raspberries are falling into the teacup. Very nice!
9. just94 wrote:
10. Heather e1 wrote:
 I love the tea cup! It's so cute!
11. Teresa wrote:
 Thanks, craftycarol, for admiring my teapot. It was surprising to me how the bananas were willing to take on the rounded form of (what looks to me) like a formally-shaped, porcelain teapot. I hope it does not impart the flavor of bananas to the tea. ;]
12. Teresa wrote:
 Thank you, smartinez, for your charming compliment. Yes, it was fun to discover (as I was drawing) that the raspberries turned as they fell (or poured) into the cup. I believe that Rachel Lee, from Think Draw, had planned to let the raspberry give a lit
13. Teresa wrote:
 smartinez (continued) I believe that Rachel Lee, from Think Draw, had planned to let the raspberry give a little spin, so it could be viewed from all sides. All I had to do - was turn it into my thought of tea.
14. Teresa wrote:
 Thanks just94. In appreciation for your comment, I hereby invite you to my next tea party. Raspberry tea will be served.
15. Teresa wrote:
 Thanks Heather e1, I'm pleased you like my cup. I've made "real" ceramics for many years, so I am always aware of shape (form), especially when it comes to teasets. Most of my pieces are not functional, they are sculptural.
16. Jovi wrote:
 Good balance to your picture; it's just enough tilted that it gives the illusion that the teapot is really being poured and that the raspberries are really coming out. I am IMPRESSED with your banana teapot.
17. Teresa wrote:
 Thanks Jovi. I know you've made pictures with bananas, so I appreciate your knowing approval of my teapot. I think working with bananas is fun!

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