Title: Pumpkin and Falling Leaves
created on 18 Sep 08

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1. hdwildmustang wrote:
2. choiceofelegance wrote:
 Very cute and very fall looking.
3. Teresa wrote:
 Thanks hdwildmustang. I'm glad you like this one.
4. Teresa wrote:
 Thanks choiceofelegance. I'm pleased that you think it looks like fall.
5. craftycarol wrote:
 how do you dream these up? Fantastic
6. tiki244 wrote:
 This is very nice. I love the way the pumpkin is lit up.
7. Teresa wrote:
 Thanks craftycarol; I'm glad you like this one. Dreaming up a pumpkin... well, that was easy because I have a two-year-old grabbing BIG pumpkins at stores and not wanting to let them go. But making the picture was harder - it took me two complete rounds
8. Teresa wrote:
 Thanks tiki244; I really enjoy seeing carved (and lit up) pumpkins. I'm pleased that you think I got the lighting right.
9. faith wrote:
 Like that the eyes are looking at something out of the picture.
10. Teresa wrote:
 Thanks faith for noticing the eyes. I wanted my pumpkin to have a little bit of mischievious life.
11. yuriko189 wrote:
 From the moment i saw this i just fell in love with the colour combination. Ur pumpkin's eyes kinda scaring me tho. lol. dunno y... great pic!
12. Teresa wrote:
 Thank you, yuriko189, for noting my color scheme. I really enjoy fall because the warm colors in the natural landscape seem to make the sky a deeper blue. (Not that I have any sky in this picture...) You're right; I don't know if it is the eyes or the
13. qwer wrote:
 This is a GREAT pumpkin.
14. Teresa wrote:
 "GREAT" pumpkin? Sorry, but I can't take credit for that... "Pretty good" pumpkin? Yes, I'll accept that. But thanks, quer, for your enthusiasm.
15. leleygirl wrote:
 I just LOVE it! Beautiful colors!
16. Heather e1 wrote:
 You are really good at ThinkDraw! Your my favorite person here.
17. Teresa wrote:
 Thank you, leleygirl, I'm glad you like my colors. I really do think fall is beautiful.
18. Teresa wrote:
 Thanks Heather e1. If you go back and look at my original gothic drawings, you will find that they are pretty plain. I learn more with each drawing. Thank YOU for your vote of confidence!
19. Figgie wrote:
 GREAT CROWD for a great pumpkin. It really lights up! Love the internal glow. Well put together!
20. Teresa wrote:
 Thanks Figgie for helping me to see my pumpkin in a new light. I didn't notice that the seed pods (or ??) in the front looked like a crowd, but you're right - they do. Maybe they are coming to see and hear from the great pumpkin.
21. statecgg8 wrote:
 Its plenty scary alright perfect for Halloween
22. NADIA wrote:

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