Title: Geyser in Yellowstone N.P.
created on 12 Jan 09

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1. sheftali52 wrote:
 cool! no--hot! no--just plain good!
2. Teresa wrote:
 Thank you, sheftali52; it's hard for me to decide, too. I'm working in a freezing computer room and geysers are hot. But my mind and my frozen exterior is not convinced. cold? hot? cold. definitely.
3. farwall wrote:
 This really looks like a geyser.
4. puzzler wrote:
5. Teresa wrote:
 Thank you, farwall. I think if I got too much closer to this geyser that the ground would crack underneath me.
6. Teresa wrote:
 Hi puzzler. I'll be happy to take "Steaming!" as a compliment... because that's mostly what geysers are (steam) and what I wanted to get across.
7. puzzler wrote:
 That's why I said it! You are cooking on gas!

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