Title: Life Behind Bars
created on 08 Sep 08

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1. faith wrote:
 Like the lock on the door; it looks like real metal - and an old lock, at that. Seems like he has already spent his life behind bars, so maybe the title is really: After His Life Behind Bars. Your title is more direct, I'm just noticing.
2. Teresa wrote:
 Hi faith, I drew the older man first and after a little thinking, I added the bars. He looked worn and empty; I wanted to show what might have made him feel that way. You're right; it seems like he's already done his life term, so the title could be cha
3. blondey101 wrote:
4. Coucnut wrote:
 You must have alot of time to make such awesome pictures.
5. Heather e1 wrote:
 The purple under the eyes is very interesting.
6. manzzzz wrote:
 Have you ever been in poison???
7. MILAVILAx3 wrote:
 Kudos on all of your artwork! It's very intricate & beautiful to look at.
8. Birgitta wrote:
9. Login wrote:
 It is stunning.

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