Title: Happy Birthday to Dear Faith
created on 24 Aug 08

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1. ccsimmons wrote:
 You are such an amazing artist. You have such a creative mind.
2. Teresa wrote:
 Thank you! I made this cyber cake in honor of my daughter's second birthday. She also got a REAL chocolate cake.
3. faith wrote:
 Another Faith, excellent! We are fairly rare. I am almost 12 times older than your daughter and I still have not had this nice of a cake. Like the flames on your candles.
4. Teresa wrote:
 Hi faith. So, that means you are 23 years old? My unrequested advice would be: if you want a fancy cake, why not treat yourself to a very special cake on your birthday. Homemade or from the bakery, you deserve a beautiful treat! And thank YOU for not
5. Teresa wrote:
 more to faith: And thank YOU for noting my candle flames. I wanted them to flicker. If I drew them again, I would make them different from each other.
6. Heather e1 wrote:
 I hope you haven't noticed my bad spelling to much. Anyways I like how you made the wax coming down the candle.
7. Heather e1 wrote:
 I can't wait to see your future pictures.

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