Title: Ahhh...who let that kid in here?
created on 21 Dec 08

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1. Tim42 wrote:
 Having Killed Bambi's lover, a lot, Junior returns to the hospital to get her only family member.
2. palmasbob wrote:
 OH NO!!!! Run!!...
3. Robindcr8l wrote:
 Are guns effective weapons against Zombies??
4. Tim42 wrote:
 Robindcr8l, can i get your e-mail, or can you e-mail me at mrquigontim@yahoo.com I wanna tell you a plot point
5. SillySly wrote:
 Was that kid OR calf? (nice weapon, by the way) I admire your nurse's uniform. I certainly don't look as good in mine. LOL.
6. Robindcr8l wrote:
 Tim, I sent you an email. I probably won't have time to check my emails til evening...gotta sleep after working all night.
7. Tim42 wrote:
 SillySly, this is part of a series, Junior is wearing a broken android head as a hat.
8. SillySly wrote:
hh, ..... I see it now. This flu I've had has affected my eyesight. Thanks for the clarification. I'll catch up, eventually, I hope.

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