Title: Noooooooooo!
created on 22 Dec 08

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1. Tim42 wrote:
 Nurse Bear: Awww, don't cry Baby. ..... Baby Face: I'm not a baby! I suffer from Facial-infantalism, it's a serious condition! and I just lost the only person I care about, or even remember since the brain surgery! ...... Nurse Bear: Yeah, We'll all m
2. Tim42 wrote:
  miss Donny Osmond. ..... Baby Face: What! ..... Nurse Bear: Never mind.
3. autumn wrote:
 your attention to detail always amazes me!!
4. Tim42 wrote:
 Thanks Autumn, details are really important in this series, for both continuity and jokes. And thanks for the vote if it was you.
5. qwer wrote:
 10 from me on the whole lot, love your humor Tim42! And drawing immensely. This series is to fun.

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