Title: Picture caption contest 2
created on 22 Dec 08

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1. lynnspotter wrote:
 Mutant no match for POWER LOADER J5000!
2. palmasbob wrote:
 He squashed his whatchamacallit out, what a battle.
3. puzzler wrote:
 Mutant lobster decontaminated before it reaches the hospital kitchens!
4. Baldur wrote:
 'You're Exoskeleton needs re-allignment'?
5. Baldur wrote:
 'Dang, I Forgot the Tartar Sauce'?
6. 123kid wrote:
 "You're the new a$$hole model they're putting out?" Ripley in AR
7. Baldur wrote:
 (oh oh Tim42..we have a situation here ...
8. Baldur wrote:
 we already know that the bionic rectum and flashlight combo have been infected with mutant nanobots....
9. Baldur wrote:
 what happens when they combine in with a Power Loader?)
10. Tim42 wrote:
 I've lost internet and my acses may be spotty, So this bear with me if I can't check in for a few days.
11. Login wrote:
 This is not what I ordered!
12. Login wrote:
 These darned vacuum cleaners become more and more complex

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