Title: Nurse Bear gets the power loader.
created on 22 Dec 08

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1. Tim42 wrote:
 Fearing the Mutant and remembering the ending to the movie Aliens, Nurse Bear gets the J-5000 Power Loader from the hospital loading dock.
2. lynnspotter wrote:
 HOLY COW! I guess it's byeby mutant now!!
3. 1020 wrote:
 im scared
4. lynnspotter wrote:
 Who's going to pay ANY attention to 'where in the world' with THIS kind of competition!!! You are outdoing yourself!!
5. lynnspotter wrote:
 Did you know this is picture 73 you've done in this series!?!
6. Tim42 wrote:
 How many counting Baldur, Scrivner, Mathew, Robin, and you?
7. lynnspotter wrote:
 I'm working on it! You & Baldur=129!
8. Baldur wrote:
 you need toibe certified to use one of those, Ursula is amazing.
9. Baldur wrote:
 she's not just a nurse, but a surgica; assistant, a world famous contortionist and a certified heavy equipment operator. I bet she'll outlast all the others.

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