Title: The Mutant catches Bleu the Janitor
created on 20 Dec 08

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1. Tim42 wrote:
 I have plans for some battles w/ this.
2. Baldur wrote:
 oooops, that looks fatal, and Dr Bear is indisposed
3. palmasbob wrote:
 WOW!..He's a mean little bastard.
4. Tim42 wrote:
 yeah, there were definatly malfunctioning Nano-bots in that flashlight, or this wouldn't make much sense
5. palmasbob wrote:
 Would that be a dirty little bum on that green area?...
6. Tim42 wrote:
 palmasbob, thats a remnent from the flashlight's on/off switch
7. palmasbob wrote:
 OH!...I guess that would be, my error.
8. pollyesther wrote:

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