Title: exposition, In a secret cave
created on 20 Dec 08

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1. Tim42 wrote:
 Bambi: Mwaa haa haa haaaa. Hey, Sheet Face! My sister Bimbo, the hot zombie nurse, with the underrated kidney, has just apparently gotten rid of Dr.Bear!!!! I, your Vampire sire, have killed a bunch of people, and left Baby Face Brain damaged and without
2. Tim42 wrote:
  without any long term memory. But you, You incompetent, bowlegged, gynecomastia suffering, Henchmen, have failed to kill a toddler, and set him on a path of revenge against me. You idiot!
3. palmasbob wrote:
 Sounds like somebody is in trouble...HOPE everything works out.
4. Tim42 wrote:
  palmasbob, why would you hope things work out for the bad guys?
5. palmasbob wrote:
 Theres got to be a better of the bad,so the best of the bad should have some hope for the best, not the bad.
6. Baldur wrote:
 Bambi continues "now leave me alone here in Switzerland and tell no one you have seen me. If anyone starts looking for me I want to know!'

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