Title: 1st bladder on thinkdraw w/ a Bear in it
created on 19 Dec 08

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1. qwer wrote:
 You must be a GP.
2. Tim42 wrote:
 Notice how I said "with a bear in it"
3. qwer wrote:
 Love the bear, he looks so happy!
4. lynnspotter wrote:
 HAHAHA~you think you're SO clever!! Oh yes,I guess you ARE!!!!
5. puzzler wrote:
 There's a saying the younger generation use when describing a night out drinking to excess - and I think that little bear is well and trully bladdered!
6. palmasbob wrote:
 Great!..He seems a bit large to get through those little holes, but I guess he is magical!.
7. sheftali52 wrote:
 ha ha--definitely some mellow yellow here!
8. Tim42 wrote:
 He's always had the power to change size anywhere from 4 feet tall to some size you might need a 600x microscope to veiw. Basicaly he's what ever size is most conveinient or funny

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