Title: Miki's Rudolph
created on 18 Dec 08

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Comments on this picture (41):
1. PinkiePie wrote:
 Wow. That looks just like rudolf.
2. likemee wrote:
 so cute!
3. hxxhxx wrote:
4. nancylee wrote:
 It certainly does!
5. sheftali52 wrote:
 very clever!
6. palmasbob wrote:
 VERY CUTE!!!! Nice job..
7. 1020 wrote:
 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!great job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
8. autumn wrote:
 great job!!
9. medlarviewboy wrote:
 i also have the movie Rudolph the red-nosed Reindeer & I LOVE it
10. SillySly wrote:
 Lead the sleigh, Rudolph!!! Fabulous Work.
11. qwer wrote:
 I love this!
12. hollister_dudde_36 wrote:
13. puzzler wrote:
 Had his nose in the jam pot again!
14. hollister_dudde_36 wrote:
15. Login wrote:
 It remonds me of Bambi.
16. Login wrote:
 ooops! "reminds"
17. louise wrote:
 nice job!
18. 123peace321 wrote:
 omg i love it!
19. Ernie wrote:
 i want one!
20. totallystrange wrote:
 This is so cool!
21. kristen447 wrote:
 OMG i totally admire your work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
22. miki wrote:
 aw cute little rudolph! can i have him? lol ^-^
23. grahame wrote:
 Of course you can have him. Merry Christmas Miki.
24. JessiJess wrote:
 That looks just like rudolph.
25. miki wrote:
 Yey! Thank you ^-^ MERRY CHRISTMAS!
26. angelcupcake wrote:
 O.M.G THis piccy is awsome!!!
27. doodler wrote:
 you are truly an artist.all your pics are awesome
28. smilejl wrote:
29. stripes1996 wrote:
 can you teach me how to do that
30. michelle wrote:
 i love it
31. krazykat180180 wrote:
 this is unbelieveable!!! Ive never seen any thing like this!! ( view and comment my pics plz)
32. Scrappy wrote:
33. kitten008 wrote:
 its you again you created E.P wow it wasnt jut a one off dam ive jus lost £50.00
34. katie4500 wrote:
 OMG this is so gorgeous
35. GIGI101 wrote:
 OMG how do you do that it's so gorgeous
36. Aira wrote:
 It really looks like Rudolph. Really nice picture! I really wish I can do that.
37. JackJack wrote:
 amazing !! :0
38. Alexis2009 wrote:
 have u seen the portriat of me I made?!:)
39. reisha wrote:
40. BlossomBunny18 wrote:
41. KJ03257 wrote:
 Rodoth the red nose rain deer >D

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