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Profile Picture for JackJack Location: wouldn't you like to know..jk England
Age: 28
Gender: Female
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About Me: ♥This is Jacky. ♥I am fourteen years of age. ♥Music is my inspiration for life. ♥i//have a Japanese addiction. ♥I love to draw//fer sure ♥Pocky. ♥Love to dance. ♥skip. ♥Love writing. ♥poems & stories ♥Pandas. Duh ♥Adore Anime. ♥Quite Sarcastic. ♥Love Black&&White Potographs. ♥Love to Shout//but not in a angry way. ♥i hate hugs & when yu touch me//no joke.. if yu try, yu will die ♥i have puppies and a bunny ♥my first and secound son's shall be Jacob & reese ♥My wish

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