Title: Somewhere over the rainbow
created on 07 Mar 09

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1. mebu27 wrote:
 This drawing is excellant!
2. autumn wrote:
3. Arw65 wrote:
 wow this is amazing
4. DMarcella wrote:
 Wow, is right.
5. pollyesther wrote:
 perfection! amazing skill
6. nancylee wrote:
7. nancylee wrote:
 OK, I see I said that about the Titanic picture, so you know I really mean it.
8. puzzler wrote:
 Will the wicked witch of the west put the colour back soon?? Seriously fabulous!
9. lilalee wrote:
 so sweet!
10. marg wrote:
 grahame, this is simply stunning - it's absolutely brilliant !
11. matthew wrote:
 Congrats on top 5... Knock on wood...
12. kmkagle wrote:
 This is stunning! So beautiful.
13. sootyunicorn wrote:
14. polenta wrote:
 excellent drawing
15. Luna wrote:
16. sheftali52 wrote:
17. aasd wrote:
 True skill! Love the limited & muted color.
18. karbs wrote:
19. whirledpeas wrote:
 wowza. This is great. Just watched 'Dark Side of the Rainbow' the other night. Oh the memories :)
20. DMarcella wrote:
 I can't figure out how you get this tan color. What pieces are you using. I see the nose for the black but I can't figure out the rest? What is she driving? I agree, should get Top 5.
21. mostblessedone wrote:
22. grahame wrote:
 Thanks everyone. DMarcella, its three pieces, all set at the smallest size - the vitually all white piece from the cow, the black dog's nose and the beagle's chest. In the film I believe she's holding onto an old metal farmyard wheel (probably from a seed
23. NINA wrote:
 You are talented!!!! Certainly a five
24. grahame wrote:
 drill or such-like)
25. DMarcella wrote:
 Thanks. I thought I saw two wheels though on the left of the picture?
26. grahame wrote:
 I see what you mean - no just my clumsy background - lol
27. Qsilv wrote:
 tricky -- and sooo good!
28. jshundo wrote:
 Incredible! This must have taken so long to do.
29. Login wrote:
 Wow! It's a masterpiece.
30. Jodi wrote:
31. katpedro wrote:
32. maddyjean08 wrote:
 you r SOOO talented! i wish i was a genius! :)
33. maddyjean08 wrote:
 i love the movie
34. gwinnyb wrote:
 your monochromes are really just incredible thanks for sharing the talent with us!inspiring
35. hxxhxx wrote:
36. hxxhxx wrote:
37. hxxhxx wrote:
38. hxxhxx wrote:
 this is
39. hxxhxx wrote:
40. hxxhxx wrote:
41. hxxhxx wrote:
 deserves a medal or something
42. hxxhxx wrote:
43. 1020 wrote:
44. westhawk959 wrote:
45. LaDonna wrote:
 WOW !!!
46. lizbeth wrote:
 How dou do this?!?! I'm telling you, you should be an artist some day!!! nice job though!!
47. lizbeth wrote:
 YOU're 48?!?!
48. himason15 wrote:
49. Brian wrote:
 can u make 1 fr me
50. bagel wrote:
 You are very talented. The girl looks almost real.
51. gwinnyb wrote:
 darn! they did it to you, this page has some really good stuff on it I'm not in bad company here at all
52. Login wrote:
 Whoever shunted this into oblivion has left it too late (I hope). It has been on the front page long enough to catch most peoples eyes ... and votes.
53. Qsilv wrote:
 I'll tell you frankly, it leaves me embarrassed to be in top place. Rotten deal, Grahame! Perhaps they'll strike me next - or (smiles) Rachel may!
54. Login wrote:
 Whatever happens now, it doesn't matter any more (votes, that is). You both deserved your place on the top row.
55. grahame wrote:
 I thank anyone who likes one of my pictures enough to take the time to vote or comment on it.
56. jshundo wrote:
 aw, lame, they bumped you too? I love this piece!
57. pollyesther wrote:
 this is soo goood, the person who did this is obviously jealous of the talent you have. no way anyone could fairly give you any less than 5 for this.
58. puzzler wrote:
 Hi Grahame mate! Sorry to hear that, though I do understand. I may do the same before too long, as I am moving house soon and will lose connection for a bit. Make sure you expand on that talent in your retirement. Will miss your presence. All the very bes
59. puzzler wrote:
 best mate!
60. Login wrote:
 Don't you leave us either, puzzler. I'm sure there is a better system on it's way. Good luck in your move and hope to see you both around for a long time to come.
61. Login wrote:
 Grahame, I'm sure there is something happening to change the voting system. Hang in there ... your drawings are a joy to behold.
62. matthew wrote:
 Grahame... I learn sooo much from your drawings... PLEASE pop in & draw occationally... I agree with Login... Good things are coming... TD has made many improvements in the short time I have been on...
63. matthew wrote:
 ...More improvements are on the way... Check back soon,,,
64. matthew wrote:
 This pic is still a shoe in for the top 5... You will see...
65. marg wrote:
 grahame.. one way or the other, you've made my day/week/year with this picture.. and with all the other ones you've done.
66. marg wrote:
 I think this is actually the best pic done so far, and I think the other greats like palmasbob, etc., would agree. Regardless of all that.. if you guys are leaving, I may well call it a day as well - win to the baddies, I guess.
67. matthew wrote:
 Grahame, I hope you check back in... This was unanimously the #1 pic... congrats on top 5...
68. Login wrote:
 Grahame, I knew the zappers would lose on this one. There was a stream in Forum started yesterday ... yours was red hot favourite.
69. DMarcella wrote:
 Congrats on this awl inspiring drawing, so glad you got T5.
70. mostblessedone wrote:
 Congrats on Top 5. This was most definitely an all around favorite.
71. marg wrote:
 Oh, where are you, grahame ? .. sadly missed !
72. Cody_M wrote:
 This is far beyond superlative. Amazing talent
73. fishyblue wrote:
74. tcat101 wrote:
 how did you make that its amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
75. bbhagan wrote:
76. matthew wrote:
 51 votes in 30 days... a new record...
77. jessicat_23 wrote:
 Thia ia seriously stunning(: Great work!!!!
78. baby wrote:
79. 1234567890qwerty wrote:
80. lyrielou wrote:
81. josh02 wrote:
82. josh02 wrote:
83. josh02 wrote:
84. josh02 wrote:
85. thinkerkay wrote:
 This Art is astonishing!
86. 4CHANGIS wrote:
 awsome!! ! !
87. skybo98 wrote:
 wow this is brilliant it is better than math
88. KBug wrote:
 wow you are a very talented artist and im only 11
89. marg wrote:
 I never realised they spoke arabic on Man ! .. did they sell the rights to the TT race for oil ?
90. marg wrote:
 .. and hey, are you back or just calling by ? .. any chance of an 'en passant' picture ??
91. Angela wrote:
 You are amazing!
92. kenken wrote:
ooooooooooooooood job,i loooooooooooooove the wizerd of oz
93. Libby97 wrote:
 This is a beautiful picture. I LOVE the wizard of oz!
94. samira wrote:
95. lynnspotter wrote:
 Good memories came to me when I saw your name on matthews mothers flowers! Miss ya!!
96. puzzler wrote:
 Hi Grahame! I came back to the site, as voting is fairer now - Rachael fixed it. Did you go into teaching, or have you time to draw sometime? Would be good to have you back. All the best.
97. Robindcr8l wrote:
 Happy birthday Grahame! We still miss you here!
98. Login wrote:
 Happy birthday, Grahame. Please come back and draw.
99. Luna wrote:
 Happy Birthday! We miss you!
100. puzzler wrote:
 Happy Birthday mate! Was mine last week!
101. kala wrote:
102. kala wrote:
103. Krystenkuhn wrote:
 I love "The Wizard Of Oz"!!!!
104. lynnspotter wrote:
 Hi Grahame! Been almost a year since you've drawn. You are still missed!
105. jaxx wrote:
 this picture is amazing
106. BlossomBunny18 wrote:
107. magdop2 wrote:
108. tigerluv wrote:
 love wizard of oz, somewhere over the rainbow and judy garland! superb. love it!

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