Title: A Titanic effort!
created on 16 Feb 09

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1. grahame wrote:
 Supposedly Kate Winslett in Titanic.
2. kmkagle wrote:
 This is magnificent!
3. GIGI101 wrote:
4. gwinnyb wrote:
5. likemee wrote:
 stunning! i know how hard it is to work black and white in animals and this defies belief!!
6. cutegrl289 wrote:
7. cutegrl289 wrote:
 I am so impressed... especially with her hand!
8. baby wrote:
 Wow beautiful work I can tell you love doing this art.
9. pollyesther wrote:
 supurb shading! this is amazing work
10. Login wrote:
 Excellent drawing and the shading is very clever. Your drawings are a joy to behold.
11. DMarla wrote:
 Love it, it is great.
12. nancylee wrote:
 Unbelievable! I don't know how you do it - or how any of you work in the white we have available.
13. jbphyd wrote:
 oh my God! Grahame how did u make this? unbelievable!!! I AM YOUR BIG FAN.............
14. sheftali52 wrote:
 stunning! you captured this so well.
15. lilalee wrote:
 I remember this scene!! Where's the necklace??!! Beautiful!
16. matthew wrote:
17. arty wrote:
 Speechless again!
18. NINA wrote:
 I recognized Kate Winslet immediately. Excellent!
19. marg wrote:
 yep - beaut - the fore-shortening got me for a bit, but once I'd leaned back and then forwards again, I saw the arm in perspective ! ('course, I spilt my cocoa in the process, but it was worth it !)
20. camdas wrote:
 i love it when i saw it i went wwwwwwwwwwow! you are great man
21. puzzler wrote:
 She'll be cold with that iceberg around! Nice one mate!
22. lizmeister wrote:
 That's our Kate, hopefully the best leading actress Oscar award winner this Sunday!!
23. doodler wrote:
 superb!Beautiful. Have you wacthed the Amgen Tour of Calif. bike race. Mark Cavendish (form the Isle of Man) Team Columbia rode great!
24. grahame wrote:
 Not watched the race, but Mark is often training around the island - he's a phenomenal talent
25. lindseykay wrote:
 Love it. Your art never ceases to amaze me. =D
26. dani_conejo17 wrote:
 thats incredible!
27. Login wrote:
 I keep coming back to this. It's brilliant.
28. 1801 wrote:
 great work
29. sootyunicorn wrote:
 This is amazing! One of the best I've seen.
30. Brian wrote:
 love it
31. JrawinJen wrote:
 Holy cow! Your magnificent!
32. thinkerkay wrote:
 You are the best! You make such good art!
33. samira wrote:
 nu stiam ca dv, suntet roman. va multumesc pentru comentariu..inseamna mult pentru mine de la un pictor mare ca dv..
34. hipchick2sexy wrote:
35. saba wrote:
 GREAT pic.my mom just saw this and without looking at the title said:" wow this is that titanic girl! "
36. potatoesoftheworld wrote:
 i saw that movie like a couple weeks ago and that pic is perfect i swear!
37. potatoesoftheworld wrote:
 you made her out of animals?!?
38. jaxx wrote:
 excellent work
39. Natalie98 wrote:
 wow. this is AMAZING!
40. sopclo wrote:
41. matthew wrote:
 Miss you a bunch here... Voting issues are finally gone... Sure hope you return some day...
42. KJ03257 wrote:
 Lets call her Titanic bitch. Lol JK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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