Title: Nurse stomach: part 2
created on 18 Dec 08

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1. Tim42 wrote:
 Dr.Bear: Hey Donny Osmond, what are you doing wading around in stomach acid? ........ Donny: Oh, Hey there Doctor Bear. I was helping Scooby Doo, and the gang, solve the mystery of the flesh eating Zombies, when I blacked, out and ended up here. *shrugs
2. Tim42 wrote:
  been playing with my RC boat ever since. ...... Dr.Bear: Huh..
3. Baldur wrote:
 now that's amazing
4. hxxhxx wrote:
5. palmasbob wrote:
 WOW!...That is amazing, imagination plus...
6. Tim42 wrote:
 you guys know I'm just spoofing a lynnspotter pic right?
7. lynnspotter wrote:
 I knew right away! Haha!!
8. lynnspotter wrote:
 Must have taken an antacid~stomach looks calmer!
9. Dragon wrote:
 So that's what happened to Donny Osmond!
10. Tim42 wrote:
 Dragon, well that and he's the dancer in the "White and Nerdy" music Video. Google it or go to Weird Al's myspace page.

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