Title: The Very Hungry Caterpillar
created on 07 Jan 13

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1. lesley_gene wrote:
 He is a real cutie! :)
2. bayofquinte wrote:
 I'm kind-a disappointed that you haven't tried another self-portrait...but this is quite nice!
3. bayofquinte wrote:
 ps. I think that I'm going to give the self- portrait thing a shot myself tomorrow....maybe....
4. Rekid wrote:
 Haha. I only have one face. The first try was pathetic (but I like it), but I think that I got it the second time around. :)
5. Rekid wrote:
 Thanks. :)
6. Rekid wrote:
 Hey, we're both on at the same time! :D Lol
7. Rekid wrote:
 Yeah, try it! I want to see how YOU look like! :D Lol
8. Meander wrote:
 This is so cute! It looks just like the caterpillar in the book!! =)
9. Angelia wrote:
 This is so adorable!! ♥ ♥ ♥
10. bayofquinte wrote:
11. bayofquinte wrote:
 ok....I did my self portrait early...and it's up now
12. Rekid wrote:
 Thanks! :D
13. Rekid wrote:
 kk bayofquinte, I'm gonna go check it out! :D ' Can't wait to "see" you! ;) Lol
14. nancylee wrote:
 Perfect! You have it exactly!
15. Lizzi wrote:
 Is this your baby picture? You were adorable and I can tell, destined for greater things!
16. Rekid wrote:
17. priya41 wrote:
 Cute!well done! Do you really match this? ;D
18. Rekid wrote:
 ha ha. Heck no. :P
19. Rekid wrote:
20. hjjr wrote:
 good one!
21. sandm wrote:
 really looks hungry:)
22. Rekid wrote:
 Haha. I was actually thinking of drawing him eating his way through some food, but I went with the classic approach instead. Him himself is good enough for me. ^^ But someone else can do that! I would SO RATE that drawing and give it a two thumbs up!
23. Rekid wrote:
 Wow, you guys are so nice! Thank you! ^^ Are you guys this nice on the site as you are in person? May I say yes? :)
24. oraIReress23 wrote:
 so cool! i grew up reading that book!amazing!
25. Normal wrote:
 Immediately recognizable!
26. pinkie wrote:
 So GOOD!!
27. nancylee wrote:
 Wow! Thank you for all that attention to my pictures! This is the portrait I meant: http://www.thinkdraw.com/pic
ture.php?pictureId=58720 I forgot about the other.
28. nancylee wrote:
 We get notified when you rate or heart our pictures. It doesn't say who did it, but you can usually tell because the person will often leave a comment along the way.
29. nancylee wrote:
 The comment above was a response to your question with your profile.
30. Rekid wrote:
 Neat! And, your welcome! :D You're a good drawer and I couldn't help but give your drawings the recognition they deserved! :D <3
31. Angela wrote:
 Cutie ;>
32. Rekid wrote:
 Thanks. :D
33. mum23 wrote:
 Love this... he looks just as I remember him. Gosh,35+ years ago... he probably ought to have turned into a butterfly by now...
34. hxxhxx wrote:
35. KJLavigne wrote:
 Love this little critter!
36. GraceAnnie wrote:
 i remember this book from when i was little because of you!!!!:-)
37. puffmias73 wrote:
 loved this book!
38. Rekid wrote:
 On Monday he ate through one apple, but he still was very hungry. On Tuesday he ate
39. Rekid wrote:
 *On Tuesdat he ate two pears, but he was still very hungry. On Wednesday he ate through three plums, but he was still very hungry.
40. Rekid wrote:
41. Rekid wrote:
 On Thursday he ate through four starwberries, but was still hungry.....
42. GraceAnnie wrote:
 then ate more and more every day.....;-)
43. sandm wrote:
 aber bevor er zum Schmetterling wird, muss er sich "verpuppen" und ist ziemlich hässlich. Metamorphose, absolut faszinierend, alle Teile lösen sich auf und bilden sich neu! Loved this book, guess its still here, in the "Kinderzimmer":)
44. sandm wrote:
 Hi rekid, I remember another famous book, and if you dont know it already, you should read it! "Das kleine Ich bin ich."
45. Rekid wrote:
 sandm, I didn't know you spoke another language. :) 'Cool! :)
46. Rekid wrote:
 "Das Kliene Ich Bin Ich." I have never heard of it. It sounds like it is a book from another country. Is is German? Swedish? Dutch?
47. Rekid wrote:
 I am very unup-to-date with forieghn languages. 'Pardon my stupidity. :(
48. suzze wrote:
49. marg wrote:
 LOL.. what a great caterpillar, Rekid !
50. Burgandy wrote:
 One of my favorite stories - and you have provided the star. Thanks for your comments. The last one was nothing but color and playing with a few different beads:)
51. GraceAnnie wrote:
 how old are you???
52. mikemae2002 wrote:
53. Rekid wrote:
 Thanks marg! :)
54. Rekid wrote:
 I am 22, GraceAnnie. Why? :)
55. Rekid wrote:
 I think I am old enough to know this story. :)
56. Lizzi wrote:
 A useful link. http://translate.google.com
57. Rekid wrote:
 'Cool! Thanks Lizzi! ^^ :D So I was right. It WAS German! 'Neat! :D
58. nancylee wrote:
 SO Happy that this made Top 5!
59. Rekid wrote:
 Thanks nancylee! ^^ :D
60. CMD14 wrote:
 perfect :)
61. Rekid wrote:
 Hey CMD14, I see you're from New York too. :) Where from? I'm from the Long Island part in the township of Brookhaven (Suffolk County). :) It is so nice to see a nice New Yorker for a change. :) Lol I don't see them too often. :)

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