Title: Second Shot Of My Self Portrait :)
created on 03 Jan 13

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1. Rekid wrote:
 What'd ya think? ;)
2. bayofquinte wrote:
 I wouldn't want to meet you in a dark alley!!! but you're nice otherwise
3. Rekid wrote:
 LOL I tried. :) I think that my first one was bad, but this one is better. :) Though, my first one IS kind of cute. :D
4. Rekid wrote:
 and thanks. :D
5. bayofquinte wrote:
 yes....it is on the cute side... but I think if I saw the 1st one in a dark alley, I'd be amused....!!!
6. bayofquinte wrote:
 one way or another...you have a GREAT imagination and a good way of depicting it!!!
7. Rekid wrote:
8. Rekid wrote:
9. lesley_gene wrote:
 Great expression! :)
10. nancylee wrote:
 Antlers, who knew?
11. Lizzi wrote:
 You look so much bigger than I remember...oh, it's your hair. Cats do that when they're scared. ^J^
12. Rekid wrote:
 Well, actually, in real life, I have curly, bouncy hair that I put into a headband, but I couldn't really depict that in my drawing. =/
13. Rekid wrote:
 And I got lucky; my eyebrows are something like that. =/
14. Rekid wrote:
 I wish I could post an ACTUAL picture of myself up, but this isn't that kind of site. =/ Oh well, I'll leave it up to your imagination, I guess.
15. nancylee wrote:
 No, the plate picture wasn't a self portrait (although my face DOES tend to be red.) I do have a self portrait somewhere in my gallery.
16. Rekid wrote:
 Is it labeled as your self portrait? Regardless, I'll check it out. :) But I have seen a lot of your drawings, but just not all of them, I think. =/ But just so I have an idea, how far back is your self portrait?
17. laura3303 wrote:
 awesome!out of words.speachless
18. Rekid wrote:
 Thanks laura3303. Welcome to ThinkDraw! =]
19. Rekid wrote:
 I wish I could say that this does look like me, but I can't. =/ But it does look good, well, better than my first attempt anyways. =/ I actually have curly hair, not straight. =/
20. marg wrote:
 Hiya Rekid.. just wondering what's happening with you ? .. haven't seen any pics from you recently
21. Rekid wrote:
 Oh, I've been SO BUSY. x_x Between finishing up college and 2 jobs, oy-vey it's time consuming!
22. Rekid wrote:
 Especially since one of my jobs is an activity coordinator at an afterschool program for an elementary school, I'm BOOKED! X_X
23. Rekid wrote:
 But I'm having fun! I'm sorry I haven't been on. :/ But hiw have you been? I just took a look at some of your drawings, and they are really NEAT! ^^ :D
24. Rekid wrote:
 I really liked thanksgiving..! It's very colorful and TOTALLY CAPTURES Fall! :D
25. Rekid wrote:

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