Title: Fiddler Clarence Gatemouth Brown
created on 13 Feb 10

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Comments on this picture (26):
1. arty wrote:
 Wonderful face
2. coho wrote:
 Thanks, hes a wonderful blues fiddler!
3. spam wrote:
 Wonderful - such feeling.
4. coolcat00890 wrote:
 You Are Such A Good Think Drawer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
5. Hazer wrote:
 Well done coho!!
6. Jared00 wrote:
 I HATE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
7. Heidi2323 wrote:
8. kyung wrote:
 Wonderful expression!
9. hjjr wrote:
 Wow, what a great pic, coho... the face is marvelous!
10. polenta wrote:
 great pic!!!
11. Qsilv wrote:
 oh my lord! ...you get a gasp AND a 5 from me, Coho; this is both powerful and sensitive.
12. FEATHERHAWK wrote:
 Great art
13. clorophilla wrote:
 I don't know the man but it's a great portrait... and the chiken-legged-violin is amazing!
14. Shanley wrote:
 wow....awesome use of animals on that face!
15. clorophilla wrote:
 ops - now a see... it's a deer-horned violin indeed :-)
16. lynnspotter wrote:
 Just AWESOME coho!!!
17. lilalee wrote:
18. coho wrote:
 Thanks for the kind comments, I almost gave up on it, then it just sort of happened by itself. drawing is wierd like that sometimes.
19. shosho wrote:
 marvelous experession!!
20. NADIA wrote:
 Wonderful Coho,fantastic!!!!
21. Tracy123 wrote:
 Wooooo ALL OF THE ABOVE.. This is amazing. What a wonderful drawing..
22. marius wrote:
 This is wonderful! Great movement, expression, and feeling!!!
23. DilCoura wrote:
24. KJLavigne wrote:
 Glad I found you. Great job!
25. lexa wrote:
 just incredible - he's actually looking at and feeling his violin. . .
26. lexa wrote:
 same as marius . . .