Title: RIP Bear 148
created on 04 Oct 17

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Comments on this picture (13):
1. Normal wrote:
 Oh, too bad! Sorry to lose her.
2. coho wrote:
 she wandered out of the natl park and a trophy hunter shot her.
3. Normal wrote:
 Dang! Too bad she couldn't see the border.
4. indigo wrote:
 I cannot understand the fun in killing, bringing unnecessary death to a creature that is just standing there, minding it's own business. Put the trophy hunter's head on the wall I say!! So sad. Sorry bear 148.
5. coho wrote:
 i agree !
6. bugoy1 wrote:
 Beautiful...and in Lunartics to boot!
7. priya41 wrote:
 Ditto indigo! Good pic !
8. Daydreamer wrote:
 An excellent tribute to 148! So sorry to hear of her sad demise.
9. hjjr wrote:
10. Burgandy wrote:
 So sad - so cruel -but such a nice tribute and great body and face of a bear!
11. katidid wrote:
 Nice tribute Coho. So sad. Ditto Indigo!
12. Angela wrote:
 Very sad. Thank you for remembering her like this.
13. KJLavigne wrote:
 Very well done and history informative.