Title: Beaded Brides Maid Dress, I'd rather DIE
created on 02 Nov 09

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1. solosater wrote:
 I've been in 2 weddings, once as a child and then for my mother's. Both times we made my dress and I was quite pleased to wear them both. Still, I think you might be right this time;-)
2. coho wrote:
 Give me a Pirate coat any day!
3. Robindcr8l wrote:
 But her make-up looks MARVELOUS!
4. NADIA wrote:
 Love the hat!
5. gocards wrote:
 That is a nightmare
6. Hazer wrote:
 My daughter is going to be a bridesmaid in Jan. The bride chose the color, pick the style to suit their body type That way everyone looks good! Good pic coho.
7. Hazer wrote:
 That should be the bridesmaids picked the style of their own dress.
8. indigo wrote:
 LOL...I'd remove the puffy sleeves! Cute!
9. Normal wrote:
 50 years ago and I still remember the dresses for my friends' weddings. None TOO dreadful. Why do brides suddenly grow mush for brains, I wonder?
10. Angela wrote:
 As far as bridesmaid dresses go this one is not bad! At least it has dots.