Title: The Moon is More Than Just Green Cheese
created on 26 Aug 09

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1. mostblessedone wrote:
 ...It has green grass/ green bears/ green bees./ It has green winters, green summers, green falls./It has green chimneys, green wood, and green balls.
2. coho wrote:
 Lovely picture but is there nice ripe roquefort cheese?
3. Login wrote:
 I'm green with envy.
4. faithfool wrote:
 Green is my favorite color!
5. picasso2 wrote:
 This is delightful. I wanted to try creating The green Giant, but no luck. However, this has given me an idea.
6. mostblessedone wrote:
 picasso2, I am sure I have seen Green Giant and also Sprout sometime in the past. Maybe, if you can find them, they will give you some hints. Thanks for the comments, all.
7. marius wrote:
 I love this! LOVE IT! Made me smile & thanks for that!
8. Normal wrote:
 Moon, you say? I thought surely Ireland!

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