Title: Yellow Bird
created on 08 Mar 09

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Comments on this picture (31):
1. pony373 wrote:
 Ha dats Minttt :D
2. lilalee wrote:
3. kmkagle wrote:
 Lovely drawing! Like that steel drum music. Pretty song.
4. mekeys wrote:
 Frame it..!!!
5. Luna wrote:
6. NINA wrote:
 Love it!
7. mebu27 wrote:
 this is great!
8. katpedro wrote:
 The bird's beak is so real. Lovely!
9. sundumary wrote:
10. karbs wrote:
 This is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!
11. mostblessedone wrote:
 Thanks for all the nice comments. This is my favorite, so far.
12. aasd wrote:
 Beautiful to the nth degree!
13. candr wrote:
 Wow -- this is great!
14. whirledpeas wrote:
15. Login wrote:
 Your best drawing so far.
16. gwinnyb wrote:
 wow the work, and I love this bird.. this is your best so far
17. magic wrote:
 love this!
18. mostblessedone wrote:
 I appreciated all your comments. Looks like my pic has been excused from the showcase, though. Rats! It was not even close to top 5 quality, but it was fun seeing it on the front page for awhile.
19. Kugusch wrote:
 this is absolutely GORGEOUS! And you're still in the showcase, you "just" don't have a 5.0 rating anymore because someone rated you down somewhere...HATE that ppl do that, must be envy.
20. marg wrote:
 Oh, wow ! - don't know how I missed this one, but it's just fabulous !
21. matthew wrote:
 Great pic... Congratulations on top 5 honors... Well deserved...
22. Login wrote:
 Congratulations on yet another Top 5 win.
23. gwinnyb wrote:
 congratulations, this is wonderful! well deserved top 5 rating
24. froufrou_fox wrote:
 This is such a great pic. Sorry I missed it. Congratulations!
25. nery wrote:
 this is realy great picture,,,well done
26. jadelar wrote:
 IT'S SO PRETTY! I love it.
27. maddyjean08 wrote:
28. Soyu wrote:
29. marius wrote:
 Absolutely gorgeous! Did playback several times. Very nice! Thanks!
30. porkyporks wrote:
 HAPPY B-DAY!!! wonderful pic btw.
31. Navaneeth wrote:
 I like that yellow bird

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