Title: Safe and Warm, 2nd attempt
created on 25 Aug 09

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1. marius wrote:
 I like both of these pics! Saw your comment in challenge: understand! Wish there was no limit! sigh (&smile)
2. marius wrote:
 Gotta say - this makes me want to crawl inside! : )
3. picasso2 wrote:
 Second attempt???? I thought the first attempt was pretty cool. Yet, I do like the igloo and..is that a sled to the left?
4. mostblessedone wrote:
 Yes, that is a sled. There was actually a sled and igloo in first pic, but somehow came like pile of rocks before.
5. kyung wrote:
 Should be very cozy inside! I love the igloo, sled, and the flying snow. Good to see green trees in that circumstance!

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