Title: Silver Princess
created on 16 Oct 08

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1. Jovi wrote:
 Your color choices work well with the background. I like how you have brought the silver of the shield onto the negative space, which seems to make the background push forward. Good touch with the pink center. Nice!
2. lizmeister wrote:
3. Figgie wrote:
 Thanks, Jovi; I'm pleased that you like my color choices. By pushing the background forward, I think the shield has become almost invisible. But it still feels like heraldry, so I will consider this to be a banner, rather than a shield.
4. Figgie wrote:
 Hi lizmeister. Woah? I don't know exactly what you mean by that; could be: whoa, wow, woman pretending to be Noah, or ... I will, however, take it as "stopped in my tracks, so that I had to look." Does this last translation sound right to you? If so
5. Figgie wrote:
 more to Lizmeister: If so, then thank you for the compliment of feeling stopped in your tracks. I was pleased with this one.

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