Title: Glad to be HERE
created on 01 Oct 08

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1. just94 wrote:
 really cute
2. yuriko189 wrote:
 hey i like this! ur writing is really neat n i love the flower border. Hello to u too.... :)
3. Figgie wrote:
 Thanks just94; nice to hear from you.
4. Figgie wrote:
 Thanks yuriko189 for your positive comments on my letters. Making letters from anything-other-than-letters is always a challenge. Any thoughts on my banana letters in my picture >>> ! HAPPY, Happy, happy ! ?
5. tiki244 wrote:
 Beautiful letters and flowers. Very pretty.
6. Figgie wrote:
 Thanks tiki244 for admiring my letters. I did work hard, and tried several possibilities, before I decided on these.

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