Title: Magic Jumping Shoe - side view
created on 10 Oct 08

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1. tiki244 wrote:
 that is just awesome!!!!!
2. HaileyJean wrote:
 This is wonderful, I love all of the different colors. it reminds me of something, i just can't figure out what it is. I like how every letter is totally different from the others. this is great.
3. Figgie wrote:
 Thank you, tiki244, I'm glad you like it. I worked through the letters several times to figure out how to make them all different and yet have them all be the same size.
4. Figgie wrote:
 Thank you, HaileyJean. When you figure out what it reminds you of --- please let me know. I was thinking, more or less, of Harlequin's shoes crossed with genie's shoes.
5. Jovi wrote:
 Your D and your S each have a fine sense of style. The I on the bottom word has a whimsical quality with its double eyes and shaking tower of lips. I would like to see this hanging as a pub sign. Very well done!
6. Jovi wrote:
 P.S. I realized when I looked at your other pictures that this is second in a series of Magic Jumping Shoe(s). I like the humor.
7. Figgie wrote:
 Thank you, Jovi, the D is also my favorite letter because of the gold shining through and because the ears look like metalic embellishments. "The Side View Pub?" Well, okay...
8. Figgie wrote:
 To your P.S. --- Thanks again, Jovi. The idea of having wings OR magic jumping shoes has always appealed to me, so why not honor them in a series.
9. Birgitta wrote:
 I like the playfulness here. :)

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