Title: Web For Catching Buds, Not Bugs
created on 25 Sep 08

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1. tiger2 wrote:
 Very nice geometrical pattern and love the colors too.
2. Jovi wrote:
 Thanks tiger2 for your positive comment. I made this picture TWICE; the first time it didn't save... But the surprise is that I like the 2nd one better than the lost 1st one.
3. Strawdoll wrote:
 A very interesting pic ...It reminds me of one of my all time favorite toys ...Tinker Toys
4. tiger2 wrote:
 Well thats a plus~usually when I do that I always like the lost one better LOL
5. Teresa wrote:
 Whimsical. It's nteresting to see "natural" flowers attached to the "geometric" bamboo-like fence. I like the small stems mixed in with the broader pieces; they make me want to look closer.
6. just94 wrote:
 wow, very creative and cute
7. Jovi wrote:
 Thanks Strawdoll. You're right; now that I look at it from your point of view - it DOES look like Tinker Toys, only these Tinker Toys have thorns.
8. Jovi wrote:
 To tiger2, I'm one of those people who like to rework and change things - whether it's a drawing or the way I cook jambulaya. So, losing a drawing and - then - thinking the 2nd one is better is kind of true for me. Though it was NOT fun when the drawing
9. Jovi wrote:
 more to tiger2: Though it was NOT fun (at the time) when the drawing zapped out and my work was lost!
10. Jovi wrote:
 Thanks Teresa for noticing my choice of using natural items in a geometric design. I enjoyed adding different widths to my lines, because it felt like I was adding a box within a box within a box - I want to see what came next.
11. Jovi wrote:
 Thanks just94 for your upbeat comment!

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