Title: Mayan Overlord
created on 11 Nov 08

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1. marg wrote:
 great !
2. Raina wrote:
 Wow! It's incredible!
3. lynnspotter wrote:
 what imagination!!
4. Jovi wrote:
 Thank you, marg; I'm glad you like my Mayan sculpture.
5. Jovi wrote:
 Thank you, Raina. I know I wouldn't want to be this close - right in the face - of a Mayan god.
6. Jovi wrote:
 Thank you, lynnspotter. I've seen the large Mayan sculptures cut from large blocks of stone. They are awesome. I just tried to think of their main facial features - to translate them into candy.
7. loki wrote:
 It took me a moment to see it, but then...WOW. Very awesome. I especially like the eyes
8. Jovi wrote:
 Hi loki. I imagine it might be hard to find because it is such a CLOSE-UP - and part of the face is off the screen (because of working with the chocoate bar background). I'm glad you like the eyes of the Mayan Overlord! Thank YOU.
9. hdwildmustang wrote:
 This is Very Good! I too like the way you did the eyes.
10. Birgitta wrote:
11. Jovi wrote:
 Thank you, hdwildmustang! I didn't want my Mayan Overlord to look like a complete abstract, so I paid special attention to the eyes. I hoped that when someone found the eyes, they would see that there was a face on the sculpture... and maybe the eyes gi
12. Jovi wrote:
 hdwildmustang ... and maybe the eyes give a sense of life to the stone god ... and even to the candy man.

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