Title: View Through Frosted Window
created on 18 Nov 08

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1. matthew wrote:
 Jovi this is great... Nice effect on frost.
2. nancylee wrote:
 What a wonderful idea! I've got some birds for this nest!
3. Jovi wrote:
 Thank you matthew for telling me that the "frost" comes across to the viewer. I wondered whether it would or not.
4. Jovi wrote:
 Thank you nancylee. I'm glad you like my nest. My birds have all flown away to warmer climates.
5. marg wrote:
 to be honest, I saw it as a shattered window - but the result's as good, either way ! (big 5)
6. faithfool wrote:
 Excellent idea! A peek at new life. =)
7. hdwildmustang wrote:
 The window does have a frosted effect...good job!
8. Jovi wrote:
 Hi marg. I will remember the "shattered window" idea if I decide to do a burgler series ;)
9. Jovi wrote:
 Thank you faithfool for liking my picture. I actually meant this as an empty nest - after the hatchlings flew off to warmer climates. That's why the tree is almost bare of leaves -- it's late fall.
10. Jovi wrote:
 Thank you, hdwildmustang for seeing my window as frosted over from the cold - with a clear spot in the middle of the glass to see last summer's nest.
11. Birgitta wrote:
 Pretty darn cool. :)
12. Login wrote:
 An interesting idea ... keep them coming, Jovi.
13. Jovi wrote:
 ohh Birgitta, I can't help but read your comment as a pun. Yes, I think the nest is pretty darn cool... cold even. Thanks for the positive feedback.
14. pollyesther wrote:
 this is really neat, i like the frosted glass effect

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