Title: The Wave
created on 19 Sep 08

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1. lizmeister wrote:
 Jovi, I love your piece, as always.
2. Strawdoll wrote:
 You've done it again , I really like this.
3. faith wrote:
 Thanks lizmeister! I'm delighted to hear that from you.
4. faith wrote:
 faith wrote: phooee, missed finishing my comment. thanks lizmeister. I'm delighted to hear that from you, because I like the stuff that both of you make. It makes me feel like I'm beginning to know what I'm looking at. Does that make sense?
5. faith wrote:
 faith wrote: faith wrote: Did I put this in the wrong place??? If so, nevermind.
6. Strawdoll wrote:
 Love the contrast of colors ...really enjoy your work
7. hdwildmustang wrote:
 I like the way you put this one together...Really nice job!
8. chook wrote:
 you are way better than me!!!!!!!!!!!!
9. Jovi wrote:
 Thank you, faith. I'm delighted that you like my work. lizmeister has many, many wonderful pieces. I'm pleased you've put us in the same company.
10. Jovi wrote:
 Thank you Strawdoll. There are so many fresh and light colors in the flower (art) section, that it was a pleasure to find cool, watery colors to make a wave curling in upon itself.
11. Jovi wrote:
 Thank you, hdwildmustang. I did feel like I was "putting" this one together. You are exactly right. Since the petals have a lighter, brighter end, I kept moving them to add the feel of white-water streaked waves.
12. Jovi wrote:
 Hi chook. I really like your drawing called: Fishy. As soon as I saw it, I really felt the personality of the piece.
13. qwer wrote:
14. Dandy wrote:
 That's amazing. I also really like fruits of fall, jump on over, and the elephant.
15. Jovi wrote:
 Thanks qwer! Your single word - luminous - is a delightful compliment.
16. Jovi wrote:
 Thank you, Dandy, for your generous thoughts.
17. Figgie wrote:
 NICE detailing on the giant wave. The water looks very fluid as it flows down the side of the wave. The white highlights from the overlapping blue petals really bring this to life. FINE!
18. Doodlebug wrote:
 I may be new at this, but I tink I know a good drawing when I see one. You are awesome!
19. rafif71 wrote:
 You are soo good
20. Login wrote:
 Simply brilliant
21. Heather e1 wrote:
 I love how at the tip of the wave, the blue part goes over the other colors. In other words, great 3D.
22. sg1_rules wrote:
 Wow, this picture us amazing
23. Anneofthewest wrote:
 This is so beautiful! I am new at it and find it so difficult! You have quite a gift! (and a lot of imagination!)
24. Jovi wrote:
 Thank you, Figgie! I worked carefully with the placement of each blue petal, so that the water would look more natural.
25. Jovi wrote:
 Thank you Doodlebug. I'm delighted that you like my drawing! Thanks for the generous compliment.
26. Birgitta wrote:
 You've got some super cool stuff in your gallery. :)
27. Jovi wrote:
 Thank you, rafif71. I'm happy to take your compliment. I've never thought of myself as "soo good".
28. Jovi wrote:
 Thank you, Login. There's nothing more that I can say, other than "Thanks!"
29. CJayandHae wrote:
30. NINA wrote:
31. chrisy wrote:
 Hi Jovi, your fine work reminds me a Japanese picture. I like the way you handle the petals!
32. 4CHANGIS wrote:
 That's really good

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