Title: Jump on Over
created on 15 Sep 08

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1. Just4u2luv26 wrote:
 This pic is amazing. Great Job!
2. Strawdoll wrote:
 Just wanted to tell your cat & moon is great , as your tree is also.plus many others
3. choiceofelegance wrote:
 You have a wonderful imagination! Is it the cow that jumped over the moon or is it a cat? I wondered because of Strawdoll's comment. Either way it is great!!
4. Jovi wrote:
 Thanks for the positive comments. I think the longer neck makes it look like a cat. The square rump makes it look like a cow. Either way, I liked the jump, so I left it as cat, cow, cot or a caw - it is viewers' choice.
5. tiki244 wrote:
 I love it! Along with a lot of your other pictures.
6. Jovi wrote:
 Thanks tiki244; I'm glad you like my jumper. I really enjoy seeing what people are coming up with. YOU almost have a FULL portfolio of pieces. Very nice.
7. chook wrote:
 thankyou heaven!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
8. Strawdoll wrote:
 OOOOPPPS!!Sorry I seem to see cat and not cow...Really Sorry..But verifies my theory ..And that is ~The only time I open my mouth is to change feet ..Plus being in a functional coma for the past 25 years.. I dont see well...LOL! ..Sorry .it's still great
9. Jovi wrote:
  Thanks chook. I'm glad you like my picture... I'll be happy to take, "thankyou heaven!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1" as a compliment.
10. Jovi wrote:
 Hi Strawdoll. I have no problem - with what you see. I like cats and I like cows ... so my brain made a double exposure, overlapping the two creatures. It's true, I was headed towards Holstein, but the cat also claimed her part of the sky.
11. slottevm wrote:
 this is sweet!
12. Doodlebug wrote:
 You are amazing!

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