Title: Nick Park rules!
created on 11 Jan 09

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1. qwer wrote:
 This is most excellent, from that animated film, the characters had lilting British accents.
2. grahame wrote:
 That's right, Wallace and Grommit (animated by Nick Park - my pathetically humerous way to get an entry into the Parks Showcase!
3. craftycarol wrote:
 aaawww, really good!
4. puzzler wrote:
 Ah Wensleydale! Not far from me in the north.
5. candr wrote:
 Cheese Grommit!! Great Job!
6. sweety wrote:
 waw so good id like to be as good as you
7. sweety wrote:
  did it take you long to do all of them?
8. spritemaster wrote:
 wow, all of your pictires are amazing! you must have been practicing for a long time....
9. Dragon wrote:
 This is great, I almost expect to see the Techno-trousers walking by in the background!
10. chica2481 wrote:
 Wow you are amazing at this!
11. qwer wrote:
 This is great and should be solid 5's all the way, subtle shading and great expressions and I love it and I'm saying it, your artwork ROCKS!!!
12. hallie588 wrote:
13. donnalovespink12 wrote:
 that is so fn awsome
14. Triste wrote:
 Wallace and Grommit! I love those movies
15. alynicc wrote:
 it looks just like em
16. Drew Spear wrote:
 COOL. I like it.
17. potatoesoftheworld wrote:
 wallace has a serious sun burn! cute!
18. puzzler wrote:
 Oh No mate! You took my advice - I have denied the world a fantastic teacher, but then, I saved you from loads of stress! I've moved from Cumbria to Suffolk, but we're not sure we've done the right thing yet. Over 30 years in one place, takes some adjusti
19. puzzler wrote:
 adjusting to. I've joined art groups nearby, which are motivating. Hope your creativity isn't being wasted. Bye for now.
20. lmwoods42 wrote:
 i have got the signed board game by nick parks !
 it looks that realistic that i have to chuckle!
22. soccer6 wrote:
 TRUE talent

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