Title: Ski Jumper
created on 28 Dec 08

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Comments on this picture (18):
1. Unionstar wrote:
 nice work! (again)
2. likemee wrote:
 great way to start the showcase off!
3. palmasbob wrote:
 High flyin Picture!!!
4. pollyesther wrote:
 i really like the face i dont know how you do that
5. marg wrote:
 really excellent !
6. grahame wrote:
 Hi pollyesther, my thanks go to palmasbob for the idea of using pink petals for the facial features (see his brilliant dancing santa in the Christmas showcase)
7. Login wrote:
 This is a good picture. Keep them coming. I also enjoyed the dancing Santa ... I go back to see him often. He always brings a smile to my face. Some of the comments are very amusing, too.
8. puzzler wrote:
 Eddy the eagle lives!
9. earthfriendly11 wrote:
 i LOVE this picture. It looks as if it were a picture on a quilt.
10. michelle wrote:
 i love it
11. krazykat180180 wrote:
 this picture is amazing!!! I cant believe that anybody could pull it off i love it!! ( view and comment my pics plz)
12. qwer wrote:
 This is wonderful, he looks so intense, great facial expression!
13. aasd wrote:
 How skilled! Wonderful!
14. SillySly wrote:
 Great work. Fabulous detail. Your portfolio is developing beautifully. Looking forward to your next pic.
15. elom wrote:
16. stickman wrote:
 cool ski jumper!!!!1
17. slee wrote:
 so cool
18. smartja1 wrote:
 That's awesome!

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