Title: Holy Night
created on 21 Dec 08

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Comments on this picture (40):
1. Tim42 wrote:
 That's incredible!
2. palmasbob wrote:
 This is GREAT!!! Nice work.
3. shaywoodland wrote:
 great job
4. autumn wrote:
 so beautiful!!!
5. pollyesther wrote:
 wow, i love it!
6. puzzler wrote:
 Lovely background colours really set it off well.
7. aine wrote:
 thats one of the best i have seen in ages....
8. solange wrote:
 This is really great!
9. Ilikecolor wrote:
 :O WOW!
10. go4it wrote:
 very nice! I like the combination of colors too!!
11. Snickers wrote:
 That is astounding! How long did it take to finish?
12. grahame wrote:
 Thank you for your nice comments - it took about two hours
13. kmkagle wrote:
 This is a beautiful picture.
14. nancylee wrote:
 This is wonderful! Beautifully done.
15. Elites wrote:
 Very nice picture! Keep up the great work!
16. marg wrote:
 This is excellent, grahame !
17. sheftali52 wrote:
 simply outstanding--well worth your time!!!
18. likemee wrote:
 this is simply stunning!
19. Login wrote:
 Stunning! A five star rating can't do it justice.
20. ifonly wrote:
 this is so awesome!! it looks just like it!!!
21. 1020 wrote:
 looks just like a christmas card i got-great job!
22. cutegrl289 wrote:
 Amazing! I don't know how you have the time and patience for a drawing like this.
23. hxxhxx wrote:
 gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous
24. Unionstar wrote:
 truly outstanding!
25. divaresi wrote:
 very nice indeed! well done
26. Login wrote:
 Unless something extra special turns up, this has got to take the #1 spot on Christmas Showcase, with palmasbob's dancing Santa a close 2nd.
27. Qsilv wrote:
 oh boy do I ever agree -- #1 for style, concept, and the pure nuts'n'bolts of persnickety execution!
28. BevL wrote:
 in my estimation the best of the Christmas showcase!!!
29. angelcupcake wrote:
 this piccy is one of my faves so far
30. smilejl wrote:
31. baby wrote:
 you are an artist!!!!!!!!!!!!
32. Scrappy wrote:
33. Flowers wrote:
 The real meaning of "Christ"mas
34. aasd wrote:
 Wow! Super job!
35. DMarla wrote:
 This is my favorite so far. Wow, I love it so much.
36. jjk1 wrote:
 my fav. so far!
37. RUTE wrote:
 O WOW!Vary Beautiful^-^!!!!
38. rwrightc98 wrote:
39. josh02 wrote:
 That is a great thing to say or show about jesus and thats so beautiful!
40. Shanley wrote:
 i love the way it capture the whole story of that night. even the secret of the expedition. great work!

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