Title: crow's feet
created on 12 Jan 09

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1. marg wrote:
 Great expression - and the neck is just TOO good !
2. pollyesther wrote:
 this is really good!
3. Login wrote:
 This is very impressive.
4. sheftali52 wrote:
 wow--this looks great! the face is crafted SO well!
5. matthew wrote:
 Lovely... Lovely... Lovely
6. tiki244 wrote:
 hahaha Great like chicken feet!!!!!!
7. autumn wrote:
 this is like looking in a mirror, lol!! great job.
8. Qsilv wrote:
 Hi rsl1 -- if you come back to visit, you should know that I like this so much I've tucked it as a good example into the forum Mugdots Challenge LVII: Self-Portraits
9. Qsilv wrote:
php?topicId=894 page 3, post #48 --and remember to remove any spaces in the URL ;>

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