Title: flower world from space
created on 14 Sep 08

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Comments on this picture (14):
1. tiki244 wrote:
 Oh how cute!
2. Strawdoll wrote:
 Wonderful Imagination .Great detail .
3. hdwildmustang wrote:
 I agree...Great Job!
4. Dragon wrote:
 So clever, love it
5. faith wrote:
 Like your idea! Like your color choices and the shapes of your continents.
6. craftycarol wrote:
 out of this world!
7. rsl1 wrote:
 Wow! Thanks for all the kinde comments!
8. smartinez wrote:
 you are so talented!
9. Figgie wrote:
 MEMORABLE. Your scene is beautiful. I especially like the flower continents. And the daisy sun or moon really adds a sense of perspective - giving the viewer distance. I am impressed!
10. Login wrote:
 Great stuff ... keep them coming.
11. pollyesther wrote:
 eye catching...very interesting
12. puzzler wrote:
 This has got real atmosphere!!!
13. Login wrote:
 Isn't Earth beautiful.
14. hxxhxx wrote:
 so quietly joyous, thanks!

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