Title: TAPE WORM...
created on 29 Oct 08

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1. puzzler wrote:
 Stunning! It's like a microscopic study.
2. lizmeister wrote:
 This is really good, Bob. May we all never meet one...
3. Tim42 wrote:
4. autumn wrote:
 in my happy little world this is a way cool snake, a tape worm???((shutter)) love your work!!
5. colorfulibra wrote:
 Wow..that's all I can say lol-you're very talented with the fruit!
6. sheftali52 wrote:
 This is stunning!
7. Connie wrote:
 You really are good with the fruit! I love your tapeworm, as long as I think of it as a dragon.
8. palmasbob wrote:
 THANKS ALL...Connie, we can call it a dragon, they do have a golden dragon in China.
9. hxxhxx wrote:
10. lormac wrote:
 Truly amazing!!!!
11. rwrightc98 wrote:
 you capture depth and design exquisitely
12. manzzzz wrote:
 nice try
13. lizmeister wrote:
 I'm sooo glad this made the 'top 5' ... I was really hoping it would !!
14. Login wrote:
 You're an artist.
15. Madeline wrote:
 wow! So much detail!
16. alc124578 wrote:
 Great detail go fruit worm lol
17. ifonly wrote:
 it looks more like a chinese dragon than a tapeworm, but good job!
18. Snickers wrote:
 I second what lizmeister said. I love this picture, it really looks 3-D, but if I never come across a real tape worm...I won't shed any tears.
19. Beve wrote:
 No words... truly amazing.
20. NINA wrote:
 Beautiful, I loce the movement

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