Title: MOTH......
created on 27 Dec 08

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1. Luna wrote:
2. pollyesther wrote:
 sometimes i just wish that i could vote more than once!definatley a fan of your work
3. lynnspotter wrote:
 WOW!! I see I'm not the only one wishing for Spring!
4. marg wrote:
 just beaut, palmasbob.. now I want to see you get the antennae going in opposite directions !
5. nancylee wrote:
 This is amazing - you are amazing. But as a science teacher I must tell you: it is a moth.
6. puzzler wrote:
 whatever it is - it's great!
7. palmasbob wrote:
 Thats what I thought, did'nt think anyone would notice but I forgot who I was dealing with.Thanks All.
8. hxxhxx wrote:
 ooohhh ... bursting with glorious color!
9. raydog wrote:
10. Chintana wrote:
11. michelle wrote:
 A vary good job
12. qwer wrote:
 Wonderful and majestic. Love the sense of peace and brilliance. Another great picture with depth.
13. Login wrote:
 How did I miss this? So glad I browsed ... it's beautiful.
14. lynnspotter wrote:
 How ya been PB? It's been awhile~Hope all is well. you are missed!
15. amyh wrote:
 Billiant job.

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