Title: Nobel? No. A Piece? Well, You Decide.
created on 10 Oct 09

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1. NorahMinster wrote:
 that is awesome
2. DMarcella wrote:
 I love this.
3. Shanley wrote:
 And this is how Peasy proved that sweets are actually good for teeth. i love it!
4. lilalee wrote:
 Great drawing, but dissapointed in this man!! You are a good artist, and read where your a friend Bill Wilson!! My husband is also! Good for you!!
5. DMarcella wrote:
 Lilalee, I feel the same what about him.
6. Peasy wrote:
 Thanks lilalee. I worry for us here in USA, too. And yes, I'm a freind of Bill. He was a man that DELIVERED on his promise of "Hope and Change". Did you notice that Barack is "yellow"? That wasn't an accident. :)
7. Arw65 wrote:
 I don't understand how he could have won it... I guess it just doesn't mean what it used to... yellow is an appropriate color for our 'president'. I'm so disappointed in our government right now
8. lilalee wrote:
 It's a very good pic of him.Also, I did notice he was yellow!! You threw some good humor in this!! Arw, I am not only dissappointed, but scared as to what our children's future will be like.
9. DMarcella wrote:
 That should read that I feel the same way about him. When I drew my Obama I was thinking of saying I didn't like him.
10. autumn wrote:
 I love this!! I agree Arw65 I don't know what he did to win it...
11. DMarcella wrote:
 Pretty much the same thing he is doing now by being on TV everyday.
12. DMarcella wrote:
 I'm always out of the lope can someone give me a link about this Bill Wilson guy so I can read about him?
13. Peasy wrote:
 DMarc, Bill is the man, along with his friend Bob that started the recovery program known as Alcoholics Anonymous. They helped save my life, and many others. :)
14. mekeys wrote:
15. DMarcella wrote:
 Thanks. A search mentioned AA but I didn't know if it was him. Sorry, I thought you were talking about politics, I didn't mean to ask something personal. So glad Bill W helped you.
16. puzzler wrote:
 Great pic! You think you've got troubles - try the lot on our side of the pond!
17. Peasy wrote:
 DMarc, my personal struggles shares are the things that can give hope to suffering addicts out there in the world. It's my pleasure and duty as an addict in recovery to share my experience, strength and hope. This pic is definately a political one tho, an
18. Peasy wrote:
 ...and the support it's been given suprises me. In my mind, more artistic people tend to be more left, and more liberal than me. I would call myself an independant conservative if I had to label myself. :)
19. DMarcella wrote:
 Thanks Peasy. I hear you about sharing, I at times shared the abuse I went through with others that were not as far into the healing as I am.
20. Sakari wrote:
 Peasy, you are a great artist. I envy the talent of all of the TD artist. I do agree that we are in a heap of trouble.
21. DMarcella wrote:
 I think you are a great artist too.
22. Peasy wrote:
 My thanks to both of you for the great artist comments. I think YOU guys are great!!
23. Login wrote:
 On Nobel's instructions (his Will), the Peace Prize is awarded by a committee of five, from the Norwegian Parliament. They may have been premature in their selection but I have faith in him. If it spurs him on to achieve peace ANYWHERE, then it was worth
24. Login wrote:
 it. In this turbulant world, I wonder who else was on the Norwegians short list!
25. puzzler wrote:
 Hi Peasy, I just meant that you may have Obama, but on my side of the Atlantic, we are faced with a soon to be election choice between Gordon Brown and David Cameron - devil or the deep blue sea!
26. NADIA wrote:
 Good likeness.Great pic!
27. Login wrote:
 Let's give David Cameron a chance to prove himself, puzzler. I know, I know ... 'born with a silver spoon in his mouth and educated at Eton', but so were many of our prime ministers. We need a fresh approach and I'm really hoping DC will turn the tables.
28. Login wrote:
 Our parliament has sunk to the lowest levels of corruption ever seen in my lifetime and more ... I'm optomistic for the future if the current lot are ousted (and here ends this party political broadcast).
29. marius wrote:
 Great pic!
30. GOLDIEGIRL8 wrote:
 3 words:Obama loook alike! (for anyone that doesn't know, thats the U.S presedint)
31. artsyx1 wrote:
 ha! cool! but nothin to say about polotics, for i am none but just a kid...
32. polenta wrote:
 great peasy!!!!
33. indigo wrote:
 Well done peasy!!
34. kmkagle wrote:
 Is this a "hate" picture. I think he's doing the best he can with what was left for him to clean up!
35. kmkagle wrote:
 All I wanted to say is this is a good drawing. I say leave the snide political comments at the door!
36. Ilikecolor wrote:
 Great message, great drawing!
37. Login wrote:
 How are you, Peasy? It's a long time since you've drawn anything for us.

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