Title: Nonhyphonated Americanism
created on 26 Sep 09

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1. sheftali52 wrote:
 Holy cow--this is great!!!
2. Peasy wrote:
 I dream of a USA where people are proud to call themselves Americans, plain and simple.
3. Peasy wrote:
 Not African-Americans, or Asian-Americans, etc. Just Americans, and be proud.
4. belladonnis wrote:
 This is wonderful!!! The flag is so real!!
5. Login wrote:
6. polenta wrote:
 Great pic!!! And the flag is excellently drawn. First I didn't understand the title, but now I get what you meant.
7. mekeys wrote:
 ------FIVE------and ditto the comments..
8. marius wrote:
 And, I hope you won't mind my adding to the dream ... a world where we are all just people, brothers and sisters in every sense of the word!
9. marius wrote:
 And, LOVE this pic!!!!
10. Peasy wrote:
 Thanks for the comments to everyone. Marius, I don't mind anyone adding to the dream, especially if it brings about harmony between people. Too much "racism" in the news today I think, but hyphonated americanism perpetuates the division. Just my two cents
11. Peasy wrote:
 Luv to everyone!
12. Luna wrote:
 amazingly well done! Great!
13. marg wrote:
 my hat off to you, Peasy - what a great picture !
14. pollyesther wrote:
 excellent pic! love the stars and stripes. great message.
15. indigo wrote:
 This is FABULOUS! I'm in AWE! And Peasy and marius...RIGHT ON! :]
16. kaylynn wrote:
 Very nice picture! Agree with your comments.
17. kyung wrote:
 Beautiful work!!
18. matthew wrote:
 Yep... we can never be equal while seperating ourselves... Wont it be awesome when kids read about racism in history books & sit dumbfounded as to how people could have thought that skin or geography could make anyone better than another...
19. matthew wrote:
 I have always found the whole thing quite retarded...
20. matthew wrote:
 Oh... and GREAT pic...

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