Title: The Beatles
created on 01 Oct 09

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Comments on this picture (43):
1. belladonnis wrote:
 COOL! I love it !
2. Hazer wrote:
 Great action!
3. mekeys wrote:
  Really Really Good !!!!!!!
4. Robindcr8l wrote:
 How on earth is this even possible in gothic???!!! You have captured the meaning of the "FAB" four! This is absolutely FAB!
5. sheftali52 wrote:
 Fantastic! Are they "twisting and shouting?"
6. Login wrote:
 Yeah - yeah - yeah!
7. mebu27 wrote:
 this is great! Yes Robin I agree, FAB
8. matthew wrote:
 Oh Login, you nailed it... Well done...
9. pollyesther wrote:
 all the above!! this is great Login!
10. polenta wrote:
 so tiny and so vivid... and FOUR PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!Super incredible!!! Magic with gothic
11. Peasy wrote:
 no words good enough for this, Login! :)
12. coho wrote:
 Very Cool!
13. arty wrote:
 A great tribute
14. NADIA wrote:
 This is more than Fabulous.True artist!
15. Vals wrote:
 It'great Login!
16. indigo wrote:
 OMG, OMG!! This is FABulous!! ditto all the above!
17. ShuS wrote:
 You are the BEST! It's wonderful, excellent, fabulous.. Ohw, I dont know which word I can use! Great :D
18. DMarcella wrote:
19. Arw65 wrote:
 Wholly Amazing! wow this is fantastic! So much movement! this is...WOW!!
20. marg wrote:
 ditto ShuS.. you ARE the best.. this is brilliant !
21. karbs wrote:
 AMAZING! You can feel the movement!
22. Login wrote:
 Thank you all for your generous comments. They give me as much pleasure as I get from drawing.
23. puzzler wrote:
 I hope they managed to stamp on all those nasty little beetles underfoot!
24. Login wrote:
 Ha, ha ... it looks as though that's what they're trying to do.
25. mebu27 wrote:
 I love this! so creative with gothic. This is my fav fab 4 drawing so far.
26. kaylynn wrote:
27. Luna wrote:
 Love it!
28. mrozowski wrote:
 All the energy of their stage presence in a nutshell. Truly FAB.
29. marius wrote:
 Love it!
30. gwinnyb wrote:
 It's been a hard days night. I remember it well. esp the clean old man
31. buzz wrote:
32. a4e4ka wrote:
 Congratulations on your TOP 5 pics! I can't wait for more nice ones to come...
33. lilalee wrote:
 Login!! Congrats to you!!
34. pollyesther wrote:
 grats Login, this is so clever!
35. Hazer wrote:
 Of course this made it in! I'd be upset if it didn't! Congrats on your wonderful talent login!
36. matthew wrote:
37. kyung wrote:
 Grats too!
38. Login wrote:
 Thank you, all and every one.
39. danila wrote:
 oh Login, I just saw this...must have been blind..
40. afcsoccer wrote:
41. raydog wrote:
 Logan you are outstanding
42. GingerNinja wrote:
 simple yet beautiful... i think i will add this to my favourites list :)
43. kit605 wrote:
 I'm a fan of the beatles and this looks just like them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!