Title: Home sweet home - after Clarice Cliff
created on 22 Apr 16

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Comments on this picture (18):
1. indigo wrote:
 Welcome back Login! Good to see you! Nicely done house and trees. Had to Google Clarice Cliff... LOVE the art and pottery!! :D
2. janice wrote:
 very nice!
3. pinkie wrote:
 Very nice to see you back! Good one!
4. Daydreamer wrote:
 You have captured CC's style (I had to look her up, too)--very lovely!
5. Roza58 wrote:
  Very nice!"A hause made beams of walls and beams. A home is made of love and dreams."
6. Normal wrote:
 Hello again! Lovely sweet home.
7. AFSOUTH wrote:
 Outstanding! Good to see your art again!
8. katidid wrote:
 Simplicity at it's best! Lovely!
9. clrmered wrote:
 very pretty!!!
10. arty wrote:
11. priya41 wrote:
12. Lazy wrote:
 Charming picture.
13. hjjr wrote:
 a beautiful abode, nicely done... thanks for stopping by, Login.
14. kata wrote:
 Looks so much like my home,.. Amazing !!)
15. Burgandy wrote:
 Thanks for your comment on the Trump pic. It is frightening that he has amassed the support from so many who also speak his language, fear, hate, sexism and racism to name a few. I think he got himself in some pretty hot water today though by a leaked v
16. Login wrote:
 He certainly did, but now he's spouting evil stuff about the opposition ... to take the attention away from his own bad press.
17. Login wrote:
 He becomes more scary as time ticks by ... tell me this didn't happen!
18. Hazer wrote:
 So good to see you peeking in, Login. Hope all is well with you!