Title: seasons (play)
created on 15 Aug 09


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1. Luna wrote:
 Wow...that played way faster than I thought it wood...the seasons just seem to fly by
2. picasso2 wrote:
 The playback is totally awesome. Great thinking!
3. Dragon wrote:
 This is wonderful!
4. mekeys wrote:
 It's only FANTASTIC what the hey..Great playback..nice change of seasons etc. ..
5. a4e4ka wrote:
 Great idea, nicely done. And yes, the times fly, whether we want or not...
6. pollyesther wrote:
 great animation and beautiful work, Luna.
7. Normal wrote:
 A great pleasure to watch! They DO fly by; time is speeding up.
8. belladonnis wrote:
 Simply Amazing!!
9. Doug wrote:
 Great animation. Nicely done. Looks super in playback I thought.
10. Watzup wrote:
 Oh wow! Four pics for the price of one - I love a bargain!!
11. Peasy wrote:
 Winter, spring, summer, then football season!!! Great annimation, Luna! I love it!!
12. puzzler wrote:
 Great idea Luna! I'm sitting back with my popcorn to watch this, it's so entertaining!
13. the_dude wrote:
14. matthew wrote:
 Time flys when u are having fun... This is awe inspiring luna...
15. lynnspotter wrote:
 Beautiful to watch!!
16. solosater wrote:
 Luna you're a freak! ;-)
17. Luna wrote:
 .....I'll consider the source and take that as a compliment :)
18. indigo wrote:
 LOVE it!!
19. solange62 wrote:
 Hope I can learn from you one day, it's so beautiful...
20. solosater wrote:
 Absolutely. How else could you take it? Ya' freak. I only mean to say that your eye and ability to transfer your vision to your canvas in these mediums is freakishly good.
21. Luna wrote:
 Thanks solo :)
22. Login wrote:
 Great playback ... now I know who to blame for the short summers we're getting.
23. Phuong wrote:
 perfect playback :D I love ittttt
24. kyung wrote:
 I feel fall has already come here. Thank you for me to forget this hot summer!
25. Nylecoj wrote:
 Wow! that's awesome I love it!
26. matthew wrote:
 Hmmm... I was confused by this one not making the top 5... So I sent the following msg to Rachel...
27. matthew wrote:
 I am confused by the following... I think it is an error so please correct me if I am wrong... a4e4ka's & Luna's pics both received 21 votes... Both received all perfect 5 votes... a4e4ka's pic was favored only 2 times while luna's was favored 6 times...
28. matthew wrote:
 Yet a4e4ka's made the top 5 over luna's pic... Could you explain? here are the 2 pics...http://www.thinkdraw.com/pict
ure.php?pictureId=57526 ... http://www.thinkdraw.com/picture.php
?pictureId=56092 Thanks...
29. Luna wrote:
 Thanks Matthew. I wondered about that, but didn't want to say anything.....
30. matthew wrote:
 No worries... If I ever receive a response, I will let you know what she says...
31. marg wrote:
 just awesome.. this must have taken forever.. and ditto matthew.. why isn't it in the Top 5 ?
32. windy wrote:
33. hjjr wrote:
 OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is too great.
34. pseudandry wrote:
 this is perfect!
35. abysmalstar wrote: