Title: 2nd - Cave Bats at Halloween
created on 15 Oct 08

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1. sheftali52 wrote:
 Wow--incredibly good!
2. tiger2 wrote:
 This is wonderful. I love your pumpkins! :)
3. faith wrote:
 Thanks sheftali52. Didn't know if I had overdone it, since I threw everything into the picture. ;0
4. faith wrote:
 Thanks tiger2. Glad you like my pumpkins. Making tiny pumpkins and giving them each their own face was a challenge.
5. tiki244 wrote:
 I love this picture.
6. lizmeister wrote:
 This pix is outstanding. Good work!
7. faith wrote:
 Thanks tiki244. I've been impressed with all the Halloween pictures coming up. This seems to have tapped into either peoples' trick-or-treat side or into their darker side.
8. faith wrote:
 Thanks lizmeister. Glad you like my pix. I'm looking forward to seeing you make a Halloween raven or a spooky kitty cat, since you seem to draw them both very well.
9. Jovi wrote:
 Good and varied components throughout. I like the sketchy quality at the top edges of your picture. The movement of the bats' wings is very well done!
10. faith wrote:
 Thanks Jovi. Ohh, you noticed! I put the sketchy edges at the top of my picture to mimic the movement of the bats' wings.

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