Title: Travelling Light
created on 26 Jun 09

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Comments on this picture (17):
1. Login wrote:
 Inspired by mebu27.
2. lilalee wrote:
 I'm laughing at this fat little bulb, carring a suitcase, traveling on a bus!! How cute is that??!!
3. five wrote:
 he he
4. marius wrote:
5. buzz wrote:
6. Doug wrote:
 such imagination!! Never would have thought of that! Superb!!!
7. LadyO wrote:
8. marg wrote:
 ditto Doug - superb ! just love the vast expanse and the 'I'm only carrying a small bag' attitude (it's not me taking up all the space)
9. IamAnonymous wrote:
 Now that's clever!
10. lilalee wrote:
 Login, I just keep looking at this cute pic again, and again!! Love it!!
11. Login wrote:
 I just had to lighten up ... hee hee!
12. arty wrote:
 Dear Login Thank you so much for thinking about me. I'm afraid things are not going well with us. My husband has been in I.C.U. for three weeks on a life support machine. He had an operation for clots on the brain, then took a seizure, and now pneumoni
13. arty wrote:
 The brain seems to have settled but the pneumonia is the battle. Your message just lifted me up as I am feeeling quite depressed this morning God bless and thanks
14. Login wrote:
 So sorry to hear he is so ill, arty. My thoughts are with you both. I've asked the religious members of our community to say a prayer for him. You know where to find us if you need some moral support. I truly wish him well.
15. horses wrote:
 funny, great immagination and clever
16. kaylynn wrote:
 I missed this one. So cute!
17. Ayjay wrote:
 Awe, this is awesome, love it! =]