Title: rainforest at night
created on 19 Mar 09

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Comments on this picture (23):
1. five wrote:
2. lilalee wrote:
 Love this!! so lush! I want to be in the pic!!
3. autumn wrote:
 beautiful pic! fun to watch it load too.
4. Kugusch wrote:
 wow! I checked the play, that must have taken you forever! great job, I especially love the parrot and the plant at bottom right!
5. froufrou_fox wrote:
 Thanks, guys! It did take me quite some time to finish but I had fun doing it. Glad you liked it.
6. DMarla wrote:
 This is good and even more impressive after watching it in play-back.
7. eliza wrote:
 This is wonderful.
8. jen2359 wrote:
 Your drawings are so awesome. I love it.
9. froufrou_fox wrote:
 Thank you!
10. matthew wrote:
 ummmm.... WOW111
11. yami wrote:
 It looks like a painting. :)
12. Login wrote:
13. froufrou_fox wrote:
 Thank you. I appreciate your comments a lot.
14. hxxhxx wrote:
 love the pic and its playback!
15. pbentz wrote:
 AWESOME!!! Thank you for the comment.
16. kmkagle wrote:
 This really pretty and colorful.
17. lynnspotter wrote:
 Stunning!!! Make me wish I could wisit Manila!!
18. nerdyharlequin wrote:
 I love your imagination!
19. Login wrote:
 Your drawings are lovely ... very soothing.
20. pollyesther wrote:
 amazing pic and playback!
21. marg wrote:
 GREAT pic - and loved watching the playback !
22. mostblessedone wrote:
 I just discovered this when I came for a slice of chocolate cream pie. So beautiful! Is this what it looks like where you live? I wonder if I could get my Southern California back yard to look like this. I'm pretty sure I could get a parrot and some ginge
23. jaxx wrote:
 amazing picture very beautiful

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